Setup ALOM networking with jumpstart begin script

When jumpstarting a server you want to see the console output to make sure nothing bad happens,
this can be accomplished by logging into the ALOM over the network so you can follow your installation
from your desk in stead of the noisy datacenter.

First when the server is powered up we want to go into the ALOM/SC
when you are in the ok prompt type:

{1} ok #.

The first thing to do is to set the admin password

sc> password
password: Changing password for admin
Enter new password: *****
Re-enter new password: *****

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boot net:speed=100,duplex=full – install

This is a gem for jumpstarting, usually people have a begin script that sets the interface to 100M Full. But this sets the interface immediately at boot time. It speeds this up a bit, and makes it easier to configure your jumpstart server. For more information see EXAMPLES in boot(1m).

Creating a Jumpstart server from Solaris 9 ISOs

Did you know you can just download iso images from SUN and mount them over a loopback device? I usually don’t need to do this because someone has the CD images. But today I needed the new Solaris 9 09/05 HW release for the V445 I am working on. I mounted up the iso:

# lofiadm -a /jumpstart/sol-9-905hw-ga-sparc-v1.iso
# mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt

I run the jumpstart setup script out of Tools and get this:

# ./setup_install_server /jumpstart/OS/t
ERROR: Install boot image /mnt/Solaris_9/Tools/Boot does not exist
Check that boot image exists, or use [-t] to
specify a valid boot image elsewhere.

It turns out that the iso has two slices in it. There is a nice guide here, on how to do it.