Setup ALOM networking with jumpstart begin script

When jumpstarting a server you want to see the console output to make sure nothing bad happens,
this can be accomplished by logging into the ALOM over the network so you can follow your installation
from your desk in stead of the noisy datacenter.

First when the server is powered up we want to go into the ALOM/SC
when you are in the ok prompt type:

{1} ok #.

The first thing to do is to set the admin password

sc> password
password: Changing password for admin
Enter new password: *****
Re-enter new password: *****

This can also be done in the begin script in the following way but I like to set it myself. I will let you choose.

platform=`uname -i`
export platform
/usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm userpassword admin <<EOF

You might want to change the password admin1 into something more secure

WARNING: If you do not set a password you will not be able to login later over telnet or ssh

Next go back to the console and start the jumpstart.

sc> console -f
Warning: User currently has write permission to this console and forcibly removing them will terminate any current write actions and all work will be lost.
Would you like to continue? [y/n] y
{1} ok boot net - install

I created the file alom.txt in the same dir as the rules file to set the alom ip address, the format is as following:
here is an example:


You can put this into the jumpstart begin script to enable to use the ALOM over the network:

# network settings
IPADDR=`grep $SI_HOSTNAME /tmp/install_config/alom.txt |tail -1 |cut -f 2 -d , -`

# first test if scadm is available for this system
platform=`uname -i`
if [ -x /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm ]; then

  # enable the network features
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set if_network true	  # sometimes this defaults to false

  # set the sc ip,netmask and gateway
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set netsc_ipaddr $IPADDR
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set netsc_ipnetmask $IPNETMASK
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set netsc_ipgateway $IPGATEWAY

  # these network settings are required for a v125,v245,v445
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set if_connection telnet     # ssh/telnet
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set netsc_dhcp false	  # true/false

  # this is not network related but you probably want this enabled
  # this will let the server go back in it's power state after a power failure
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm set sc_powerstatememory true

  # to get these settings working, you need to reset the sc
  /usr/platform/$platform/sbin/scadm resetrsc

  # I put a sleep 60 in here so I can still debug error messages on the console if any problems occur
  # because you won't be able to see the Solaris output when the ALOM/SC is restarting
  sleep 60
  echo "this server doesn't seem to have an ALOM"

For further information on how to modify the ALOM see [1]


3 Responses to “Setup ALOM networking with jumpstart begin script”

  1. Arnaud VR Says:

    Nice one, they say laziness is the father of invention, is it true ? đŸ™‚

  2. Garry Garrett Says:

    Okay, so jumpstart is not installing “scadm” for me. How do I get jumpstart to install it?

    I dorked up the ALOM admin password, and I would use “scadm” to reset it, but it isn’t installed. Any way to reset the “admin” ALOM password (preferably without rebooting the server – rebooting the ALOM would be fine)?

  3. Garry Garrett Says:

    This is a T2000. Looks like Sun hasn’t written scadm for sun4v archtecture yet. Thanks Sun. Thanks a lot.

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