boot net:speed=100,duplex=full – install

This is a gem for jumpstarting, usually people have a begin script that sets the interface to 100M Full. But this sets the interface immediately at boot time. It speeds this up a bit, and makes it easier to configure your jumpstart server. For more information see EXAMPLES in boot(1m).


9 Responses to “boot net:speed=100,duplex=full – install”

  1. mstanley Says:

    This may be one of the greatest tips I’ve seen in years. Now I can’t wait to jumpstart something to try it out.


  2. pearcec Says:

    I should note I have run into a machine it didn’t work on. That is the V890. I am not certain why.

  3. rondua Says:

    Does this work with DHCP? Something like
    boot net:dhcp,speed=100,duplex=full – install ?

  4. pearcec Says:


    After reading boot(1m), it looks like it would work. Have you tried it?

  5. rondua Says:

    I tested this on a V480 and it did not work.
    boot net:dhcp,speed=100,duplex=full – install
    tried to download the file duplex=full from the TFTP server…
    boot net:dhcp,duplex=full – install
    still gave the “100Mbps HDX Link up” message.
    I can’t test this no newer hardware at the moment.

  6. Adam Says:

    I just tried this on a v240 with 4.22.x OBP and it worked like a charm…combined it with choosing the 2nd bge interface on the host as below:

    boot /pci@1d,700000/network@2,1:speed=1000,duplex=full – install – w

  7. Glenn Says:

    The only way that I’ve gotten the duplex to be accepted is that it’s the first parameter and the speed is second.
    boot net:duplex=full,speed=100 – install
    boot net:duplex=full,speed=100,dhcp – install

  8. shibu Says:

    This one work
    boot net:speed=100,duplex=full,dhcp – install

  9. James Says:

    This makes no difference during booting

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